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House of Glam Latara Shontae_edited.png
House of Glam Latara Shontae_edited.jpg

It's my's my lifestyle!


"From the locker rooms of John Essex High School to driving my car house to house styling hair, I knew that I would become an successful entrepreneur!"

All About Me

Hi Gorgeous! I'm Latara Shontae, "The GLAM CHIC"! I love hair, fashion, and most importantly, Glamor!!! I'm such a "GOAL DIGGER"...if I set out to do it, its done!


I am a native of Forkland, Alabama; and the first African-American woman to own and operate a furniture store showroom in West Alabama. At the age of 35, I retired from a successful career in the hair industry. Since then, I've  gone on to accomplish many other great works, such as being the best-selling author of my first book, "A Fashion Boutique’s Guide to Success." I also founded "WWIL: Women Win In Life"  and "The UpgradeHer COACH, Inc".  I am the proud mother of two wonderful kids, La'Cher and Landyn.

I've created the life that I've always wanted-- which is to help others become successful and leave a personal legacy for my kids and you can too! Be brave, take action, and connect with God about the plans for your personal success!

I have "big city business skills and a small town heart".  I love helping women feel beautiful and glamorous, inside and out, at home and on the go. If you're ready to revamp your wardrobe,  home or business with "All Things Glam", schedule a consultation online today!

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